The Community of Netzarim and Its Founder

The first-century community of the Netzarim was founded by Rabbeinu Yeshua from the Beit Hillel school of Judaism. This is shown in the sacred texts produced by the same community itself. The evidence is also outlined in a book by Orthodox Rabbi Harvey Falk mentioned elsewhere in this site. The Netzarim were the original Torah followers of Rabbi Yeshua in the first century of the common era.
As was the case in ancient times, the Community today has specific doctrines that the first-century spiritual leaders disseminated and died for. The true religion of Torah produces a major change in the life of any sincere convert and the fruits they produce are always manifest.

The community of Netzarim was established in faith and is instructed to stand fast in the faith that its founder gave to it (Acts 16:5). It was Rabbi Yeshua’s mission to do the will of the Father, to help provide a means for humanity to be saved from destruction and to destroy the evil one’s works, and Rabbi’s true disciples follow their supreme teacher’s example.

I encourage you to read John 6:38; Luke 19:10; Daniel 9:24.