Vayera – “And He Appeared”

Christopher discusses the laws of kashrot (kosher) in relation to the separation of meat and cheese. Does this Torah Portion say that Avraham served his guests (the three angels) meat and cheese together? Or is there more to this? Also, Christopher shows in this Torah Portion why the Pharisees believed in resurrection and how Isaac was a shadow of the Messiah, Yeshua, in this instance and why the Sadducees couldn’t see it.

Messiah is concealed in the name Noach

The Number 58-nun chet-spells the word Noach (Noah), whose name means “rest.” Noah, the tenth generation of mankind–“the tenth shall be holy for G-d” (Leviticus 27:32) –symbolizes the rest and peace that will bless the earth in the Messianic era. … of “all”–“for all is in it”) which had previously been concealed in it.

Christopher discusses how the Messiah is concealed in the name Noach, and the parallels to the concealed Messiah through the word Manechem