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Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei / פרשת ויקהל־פקודי

Parashat Vayakhel / Pekudei
Shalom, I begin the study of this parashah, with a few questions, does the sage keep wisdom only for himself? If Guard, is that right? And if not, is that right?
Exodus 35:31 “And the Spirit of God filled him with wisdom, understanding, science and in all fear,”
In the previous verse (30) we see that he is talking about Bethsalel, who at that time was receiving great honor, for thus said Moshe: Exodus 35:30 “Then Moses said to the children of Israel: Behold, the LORD has called Bezalel by name. , son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah. ​​”
Undoubtedly Betsalel was very happy to have been chosen to do all kinds of works for HASHEM HAELOHIM, when we read in Hebrew we see the wealth that Betsalel acquired at that moment.
” Vayemale oto Ruach Elohim Bechahmah, bitvunah vedaat uvechol melachah” vers.31
Now Bethsel now had the wisdom, the intelligence, the understanding coming directly from the ETERNAL.
Verse 32 goes on to say, “And to make inventions and teach them to craftsmen, to work in gold, silver and copper.” This verse is the focus of our study.
Well, when the ETERNAL gave such wisdom to man already made it clear, that the wise person cannot act selfishly, not helping, but rather, teaching those who aspire to be a craftsman. Verse 34 continues saying: “And to teach he endowed his heart, and that of Aholiab, son of Achissamach, of the tribe of Dan. “
These two verses give us a basis to answer the question initially asked, from verse 30 to 35 we see clearly what the purpose of ETERNAL would be to give them such wisdom. The verse also says that they already had a wise heart, that is, they were not arrogant and petty men.
Betsalel and Aholiab, did not act selfishly, thinking … “ahh me and Aholiab are the best here in the camp, if we can do everything, why are we going to teach others? …” but because of the wisdom of their hearts they chose for listening to the ETERNAL mandate and passed on their knowledge, their wisdom to those who wish to help, and their hearts were turned towards that.
Exodus 36: 1 “So Betzalel and Aholiab, and all the wise-hearted man, to whom the LORD had given wisdom and intelligence, worked, to know how they were to do all the work for the service of the sanctuary, according to all that the LORD had ordered. “
This attitude reminds us a lot and Moshe’s attitude when 70 capable men were chosen to help Moshe, and two of these men began to prophesy in the middle of the camp, when Moshe’s young man arrives and warns him of what has happened as if it were something bad. , and Moshe for having a wise heart from the ETERNAL, says: “I wish all could prophesy.” and it is the same case of Betsalel and Aholiabe, in them lived Ruach Elohim (spirit of God).
Pirke Avot (Country Ethics) IV: 1 says “Ben Zoma said: Who should be called wise? To him who learns from all men, as it is said: ‘From all my teachers I received teachings and their testimonies are the my meditation ‘…… “
When Ben Zoma said these words, he certainly saw them in those men, who helped build the Mishcan.
But what does this apply today? It is possible to do so in the middle of the century. XXI?
Without a doubt who is, but it is necessary that man has a wise heart so that he can learn from all people, so that he can teach all those who want to learn. In many companies this does not happen, for lack of confidence, for fear of losing their place, but this is not true, because the one who teaches will always know more than the one who is sitting learning, no matter how much I teach everything I know to someone. , at that moment when I am passing my knowledge, I have a more peripheral and profound view of the subject than that student who is now learning that subject, this is the pleasure of teaching, knowing that that person is what it is because you planted a seed of knowledge within it, and that’s incredible.
We take as a lesson from these two great, wise men, that we should rather share what through ETERNAL came to us, for HE is the D-es of wisdom, intelligence, in short of all things.

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