Terjemahan Didache (Sefer Limudah)

 Terjemahan Didache (Sefer Limudah)
Kitab Translations Didache (Sefer Limudah)

Lim 1: 1 There are Two Paths, ONE ROAD LIFE, AND ONE DEATH ROAD; but of course there is a big difference between these two paths.
Lim 1: 2 THE ROAD OF LIFE, Then, the Way of Life, namely: first, love the Alaha who created you; second, love your neighbor as yourself; and you never do to others, what you do not want others to do for yourself.
Lim 1: 3 And these are the commandments of the teaching: Bless all those who curse you, and pray for your enemies, and fast for all those who persecute you. Why is it good if you only love those who love you? Are not the Gentiles (other nations) doing the same? Instead, you must love those who hate you; and let no enemy come upon you.
Lim 1: 4 Stop from flesh and earthly desires. If anyone strikes your right cheek, give your cheek too, and you will be perfect/peaceful. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him. If anyone takes your jacket, give him your cloak. If anyone takes away from you what belongs to you, do not ask for it, because you can not do that.
Lim 1: 5 Give each one who asks of you, and do not ask again, because the Father wants those gifts to be given to all people for free. Blessed is he who gives according to command, for he is innocent. But woe to him who receives, for if people need and receive, he will become innocent. But he who receives when not in need, he will be responsible for why he received and for what purpose. And when he is in a difficult state he must be tried on the things he has done. And he should not be released from that place until he paid in full.
Lim 1: 6 I have said, “Let charity sweat in your hand until you know who you are giving.”

Lim 2: 1 And the second commandment of this teaching is: Do not kill, do not commit adultery, do not harm the boy, do not commit lewd, do not steal, do not practice magic, do not practice magic, do not kill the baby in an abortion or kill him at birth.
Lim 2: 2 Do not bruise the tongue, so it leads to death. Your word should not lie or be empty, but be fulfilled by the real action. Do not be greedy or greedy, or be a hypocrite, or a maker of evil, or arrogant. Do not follow bad advice to resist your neighbor. You should not hate anyone, but say that if it is wrong, they should be prayed for, and those you love yourself.

ARTICLE 3 Other Objects That Should Be Obedient
Lim 3: 1 My son, keep away from all evil things, and from all such things. Do not be jealous, or quarrel, get angry because anger leads to murder.
Lim 3: 2 My son, do not be filled with lusts, for it leads to adultery; nor speak dirty, nor basket; because of this the adultery happened.
Lim 3: 3 My son, do not be an astrologer, for this leads to idolatry. Do not be a magician (useless), or a fortune-teller, or a helper user, do not rely on these things, for from all this idol worship.)
Lim 3: 4 My son, do not be a liar, for a lie leads to theft. Do not be a lover of money, or a greedy person, because it all comes to theft.
NRSV bibleoremus Lim 3: 5 My son, do not be a complainant, for it leads to blasphemy. Do not be stubborn or evil-minded, for they will all be blasphemies.
Lim 3: 6 But be gentle, for tender heart will inherit the earth.
Lim 3: 7 Be patient in affliction, and be merciful, and openly, and peaceably, and kind, always respectful to the teaching which you hear.
Lim 3: 8 Do not exalt yourself, nor be too confident. Do not join those who are proud, but be close to those who are just, humble because they are contagious to us.
Lim 3: 9 Accept whatever happens as good if it does not come from Alaha it does not happen.

Lim 4: 1 My child, remember both the night and the day that he speaks to you about Allah’s word. You must respect him as you honor Maran, for where the great teaching is spoken, there is Maran.
Lim 4: 2 And look day after day for the face of Kadosa (the saints, Heb: HaQadoshim), so that you can rely on their words.
Lim 4: 3 Do not desire division, bring those who are at war with the peace. Be proper, and do not respect the person who accepts the offense.
Lim 4: 4 Do not doubt if it will happen or not.
Lim 4: 5 Do not extend a hand to ask;
Lim 4: 6 If you have something, through your hands give up instead of your sins.
Lim 4: 7 Do not hesitate to give or grumble about your gift, for it is known that He will reward you fairly for your wages.
Lim 4: 8 Do not neglect a person who needs help, but shares something with your brother, and does not say it’s all yours. For if you take part in what is eternal, how much more in the case of what is mortal?
Lim 4: 9 Do not keep your eye on the boy or your daughter, but from the beginning, they are afraid of Alaha.
Lim 4:10 Do not rule your men or women with a coarse hope in Alaha, causing them no fear of Alaha. Because he came not to call someone to look at his outward appearance, but to summon those who had the Holy Spirit prepared.
Lim 4:11 And servants, lower yourself to your masters as Alaha, with humility and dread.
Lim 4:12 Avoid all hypocrisy and everything that pleases Maran.
Lim 4:13 Do not neglect Maran’s commands, but defend what you have received, do not add or abandon them.
Lim 4:14 In your church be your transgressions, and do not serve your evil conscience. This is the way of life.

Lim 5: 1 And this is the Way of Death. First of all this is evil and cursed: Murder, adultery, lust, fornication, theft, idolatry, magic, witchcraft, rape, false witness, hypocrisy, bifurcated mind, deception, arrogance, envy, selfish desires , greedy, dirty talk, jealousy, rashness (too confident), arrogant, big mouth;
Lim 5: 2 persecutors of good people, haters of truth, lovers of lies, ignorance of righteousness, disobedient to good or fair judgment, seeing not for good but for evil; far from being gentle and patient, loving vain things, vengeance, lack of compassion for the poor, nor pity for the afflicted, not knowing the One who created them, the murderers of the children, the destroyers of the work Alaha, regardless of those in need, oppressing those in distress, lust of the rich, unjust judging the poor, voicing sinners. Of all these things, my children, stay away from them.

Lim 6: 1 Beware that no one will drag you away from this Torah (teaching), because he is teaching you away from Alaha.
Lim 6: 2 If you can carry the yoke of Maran, you will be perfect; but if you can not, do what you can.
Lim 6: 3 About food (another translation: ‘flesh’), do what you can do. But stop from offering sacrifices to idols, be very careful, for it is just as serving the dead gods).

Lim 7: 1 And concerning baptism (Mikveh), baptize it: after teaching it all this, baptize it in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit in living waters.
Lim 7: 2 And if there is no living water, baptize in other water. And if it can not be in cold water, then in warm water can be.
NLT biblegateway Lim 7: 3 And if not, water three times to the head, in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
NRSV bibleoremus Lim 7: 4 And before baptism, let him baptize, and he that be baptized, fast first, and others also may fast. And you must command the baptized to fast one or two days beforehand.

Lim 8: 1 Do not live with the hypocrites, because they fast on the second day (Monday) and the fifth day (Thursday). However, fast on the fourth day (Wednesday) and preparation day (Friday).
Lim 8: 2-3 Do not pray as a hypocrite, but do as Maran orders in his Gospel, then pray: “Our Father in heaven, your Name is sanctified. Come Your Kingdom, be your will as in heaven as well on earth. Give us today our bread every day. And forgive us our faults, as we forgive those who are guilty of us. And do not let us go into temptation, but deliver us from the evil: for you are the power and the glory forever. “Then pray three times a day.

Lim 9: 1 About the Lord’s Supper, be grateful for this way. First, regarding this cup: “We thank you, our Father, because of the Holy Trees, your servant David (another translation: your son), whom You introduced us through your servant Yeshua (another translation: Your son ): to thee Thy glory forever. ”
And concerning the fragmented bread:
“We give thanks to You, our Father, for the life and knowledge that You have introduced to us through your servant Yeshua (another translation: Your son): to the Glory of glory forever. As this broken bread is scattered over the mountains and becomes reunited together, so will your church be gathered from the ends of the earth into your kingdom; for you are the glory and power through Yeshua Mshikha [1], forever. ”
Lim 9: 2 And let no man eat or drink your thanksgiving before he is baptized in the name of Maran. For this matter, Maran has said this, “Do not give holy things to the dogs”.

Lim 10: 1 And after eating and drinking the Holy Communion, we give thanks:
“We thank You, O Holy Father, for Your Holy Name, whom You place in our hearts, and for the knowledge, faith and immortality that You give us through Your servant Jesus (another translation: ‘Your Child’): to You be glory forever. You, Maran Mighty Power, create everything because of Your Name, and who give food and drink to people to rejoice so that they can be grateful to You, but for us, You give spiritual food and drink, and eternal life through Your Son. Above all, we are grateful to You because You have saved us: for You are the glory forever. Remember, O Maran, your liberated nation from all evil, and perfect him in Thy love, and gather him with four corners of the wind, whom thou hast sanctified for thy kingdom which thou hast prepared for them: for thou art the kingdom, and the glory forever. May mercy come, and let the world go by. Hosanna for Alaha (Son) of David. If there is a saint, let him come; if any man is defiled, let him repent. Maranatha. Amin. ”
Lim 10: 2 But allow the prophets to receive gratitude (Qurbana) as far as they want.

Lim 11: 1 Therefore whoever will come and teach you all about these things mentioned, accept him.
NRSV bibleoremus Lim 11: 2 But if the teacher diverges and teaches another teaching to destroy you, do not listen to him. But if he comes to add to your righteousness and knowledge of the Maran, accept him as if he were receiving Maran.
Lim 11: 3 But concerning the apostles and prophets, according to the teaching of the gospel. Let every apostle who comes to you be received as if receiving Maran. But he should not stay more than a day or two days if there is an important case needed, but if he stayed three days, he is a false prophet.
NRSV bibleoremus Lim 11: 4 And let the apostle on his way take nothing but bread enough to arrive at his place, if he asks for money, he is a false prophet.
NASB biblegateway Lim 11: 5 And every prophet speaking in the spirit [prophesy] is not to be judged; because every sin will be forgiven, but this sin will not be forgiven.
Lim 11: 6 But not everyone who speaks in the spirit is a prophet, only those who hold the teachings of Maran [behavior and attitude]; through their character, therefore, they will be recognized, the false prophet and the true prophet.
NRSV bibleoremus Lim 11: 7 And every prophet who asks in the spirit that a table of the banquet must be prepared, not to be eaten alone; however, if he does so, he is a false prophet.
NRSV bibleoremus Lim 11: 8 And every prophet who teaches righteousness, but does not do according to what he teaches, he is a false prophet.
NRSV bibleoremus Lim 11: 9 And every prophet that is recognized and righteous, and servants in the heavenly revelation of the church, but he who does not teach others, the things he does himself, do not judge him. For there is in the judgment Alaha, for thus were the ancient prophets natural.
NKJV biblegateway Lim 11:10 But whosoever speaks in the spirit, ‘Give me money’ or similar things, do not listen to him. But if he tells you to give to others in need, Do not judge him.

Lim 12: 1 Let every person who comes in the name of Maran be accepted, but after that, you have to test him and know his character, for you have knowledge of good and evil.
Lim 12: 2 If a traveler comes to you, help him as much as you can; but he should not stay with you for more than two or three days, if not necessary.
Lim 12: 3 But if he wants to stay with you, he will be a craftsman, and he will work and eat.
Lim 12: 4 But if he knows no skill, according to your own policy, think of his work as a Christian (Mesianus) to make his life useful.
Lim 12: 5 But if he does not want to do a job, he is a personal gain seeker. Let such a person stay away from you.

Lim 13: 1 But every true prophet who wants to live among you is worthy to earn. Likewise, the teacher is as a worker, deserving his food.
NRSV bibleoremus Lim 13: 2 Therefore you shall take the first fruits of every wine, and the floors of threshing, the calf, and the lamb, and give them to the prophets, for they are your high priests. And if you do not have a prophet, give the offering to the poor. If you make bread dough, take it and give the first fruits according to the command. Take also the money (silver), the cloth, and every one of yours, take the first fruits and you can also guess how willing to give, and give it according to command.
14: 1 And on the Day of the Lord they shall gather together, and break bread and give thanks, after the confession of your transgressions, so that your offering may be holy. But let no one dispute with his brother join you until they make peace so that your offering will not become unclean.
NKJV biblegateway Lam 14: 2 For this is what Mary said: “Every time and time I offer to you the holy things, for I am a glorious king, says Maran, and My name is magical among the nations.”

Lim 15: 1 Therefore, choose for yourself the bishops and deacons who are worthy of the presence of Maran, gentlemen and not greedy, and true and confident, because they perform for you ministry prophets and teachers. Therefore, do not lower them, for they are honorable among you, along with the teachers and the prophets.
Lim 15: 2 Admonish one another, not in anger but in peace, as recorded in the gospel. And to those who behave disgracefully against others, do not talk or listen to him until he is converted.
Lim 15: 3 And your prayers and your alms and all your deeds, as you are commanded in our Gospel.

Lim 16: 1 Take care of your life. Take care to keep your lamps out of the way, and tighten your belt, but be ready for it, for you do not know when the time comes.
Lim 16: 2 And let’s get together, look for anything that can be of benefit to your souls; for all your life your faith will not be useful if you are not completely perfect in the last days of your life.
NRSV bibleoremus Lim 16: 3 For in the last days the false prophets and deceivers will multiply many times, and sheep will be driven to wolves, and love will turn into hatred.
Lim 16: 4 And so the generation will increase, they will hate, and persecute, and betray one another and then the deceiver of the world will appear as the Son of Alaha and will do the brothers and the wonders, and the earth will be dragged into his hands, and he will do acts contrary to the words of Alaha, which has never occurred since the beginning of the world.
Lim 16: 5 Then the race of men will enter the test of temptation. And many people will fall stumble and perish, but those who remain in their faith will be saved during such a time of distress.
Lim 16: 6 And then there will be signs of truth. First, lightning snatches in the sky; then sound of sofar; and third, the resurrection of the dead.
Lim 16: 7 In the end, as it has been said, “Maran will come and all his saints with Him.” Then the world will see Maran come in the clouds of heaven.

[1] Mshikha (Christ) means the Anointed One.

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