Pirkei Avot

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Pirkei Avot (Literally, “Chapters of the Fathers”, and oftentimes called “Avot”) is a tractate of the Mishna composed of ethical maxims of the Mishnaic period. This little tractate contains five chapters and is often called “Ethics of the Fathers”.

The text of this edition of the Avot is a paraphrased translation in idiomatic language from the writings of H.H. Catholicos Patriarch +Mar Dalin II and various other translations of the same. The numbering of the “verses” is different than that of the traditional Avot, following that of +Mar Dalin II. +Mar Dalin III included the Pirkei Avot in his edition of the Peshitta.

Chapter 1
1. Mar-Yah gave Mosha the Torah at Sinai and Mosha handed it down to Yoshua. Yoshua handed it down to the Elders, the Elders to the Prophets, and the Prophets entrusted it to the Men of the Great Assembly

The Men of the Great Assembly would always say these three things:
Be cautious in judgement. Establish many talmidim. And build a fence of protection around Torah.