Sefardi Beit Sefer

ואתה בן אדם ויגש
מקאם ביאת נגונים
יה אלי מהר נשמת
מה טוב חלקך שועת
בעדי יה בעדי  ההודאות
אל נעלה רפא  קדיש
מכון לשבתך עולמים  שמחים
הבו גודל  ממצרים
אבי כחותם שימני  נקדישך
אל דורשה נפשי  פזמון ספר תורה

For Shabbat Vayigash (Genesis 44:18-47:27), Maqam BAYAT is applied to the prayers according to some sources. According to Arabic sources, the definition of the word ‘BAYAT’ is an oath of allegiance to an emir when one sells themselves and pledges their loyalty. In our case, the BAYAT is performed by Judah, speaking on behalf of his brothers, who sells himself completely to Joseph (the emir) and declares loyaly to him. Similarly, Maqam BAYAT is used at a Bar Mitzvah, because one makes the BAYAT commitment to observe the missvot and declare loyalty to God. According to other sources, Maqam MAHOUR (Shrem source) or SIGAH (Damascus…

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