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Sefardi Beit Sefer

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More Private Matters

Chapter 5, Law 6

“Torah scholars accustom themselves with great modesty. They will not degrade themselves nor uncover their heads or bodies.
“Even when the Torah scholar enters the bathroom he will be modest and not uncover himself until he sits. He will not wipe himself with his right hand. He will distance himself from all others. He will enter an internal room (lit., ‘a room in a room’) within a cave and relieve himself there. If he relieves himself behind a wall, he will distance himself so his fellow will not hear any sound if he passes gas. If he relieves himself in a valley, he will distance himself so his fellow will not be able to see his wastes. He will not speak when he is relieving himself even for a great need. Just as he accustoms himself with modesty in the…

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