Sefardi Beit Sefer


ואשה אחת וירא
מקאם נאווה נגונים
אויבי הכני בנסתר נשמת
כקדם עירך נירש שועת
דר רומה  ההודאות
אל נעלה רפא  קדיש
יא מימתי  שמחים
שמרתני וחייתני  ממצרים
אל יצרת  נקדישך
יה שמע תפילה  פזמון ספר תורה

On Shabbat Vayera (Genesis 18:1-22:24), Maqam NAWAH is applied to the prayers according to most Aleppo sources. Other maqam opinions include: BAYAT, HOSENI, or NAHWAND. The following is an explanation by H Gabriel A Shrem as reported by student H Mordekhai C Nadaf: In the Psalms, a synonym for the word ‘angel’ is ‘Nawah Qodesh’. The reason why we use the maqam named ‘Nawah’ is because we read about Abraham’s three visitors who are said to be ‘angels.’ PIZMONIM: “Dar Rouma” (page 365), “Refah Siri” (page 116). ALIYOT: The entire ‘Aqedah’ portion is given to the Mashlim Aliyah from 22:1 until the end…

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