14 And the Word being flesh
1008a melta nn word
271 besra nn flesh
486 hewa vv be, become, been, being
and resting within us,
370 ’agen vv descend, rest
223d ’atra prp (there) (where) at, by, in, within
and we, seeing his glory,
595a heza vv see, manifest
1718a subha nn glory
— the glory as of the only birthed of the Father
1718a subha nn glory
56a ’aik adv as
784a yihidaya adj only, only birthed
1014d men prp by, from, of, than
2a ’aba nn father
filled with grace and truth,
1009a mela vv complete, fill, fulfill
693f taibuta nn grace
1628 qusta nn truth

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