4:1 Because of this
we weary not in this ministry we hold
as to the befriending being upon us:
2 but rejecting to conceal shame
not walking in cunning
not deceiving the word of God
— but by the manifestation of the truth
showing our souls
to all the minds of the sons of humanity
in front of God.
3 And also, if our own evangelism is concealed,
it is concealed to those who destruct:
4 whose god of this world
blinds the minds concerning those who trust not,
lest the light of the evangelism shine to them
— of the glory of the Meshiah
being the image of God.
5 For we be not preaching for our souls,
but for the Meshiah, Yah Shua our Lord:
and our souls are your servants because of Yah Shua.
6 Because God, who worded,
Light, shine from darkness!
shines in our hearts
for the enlightening of the knowledge
of the glory of God
in the face of Yah Shua the Meshiah.

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