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א For Zion sake I will not be silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not be still, until her righteousness emanates like a bright light, and her salvation blazes like a torch (lapid).Isaiah 62:1

Why? Lapid, as a movement?, it is defined as Yeshua-Centered Judaism. It is a return, restoration and revival of the original faith of Moshiach and His Talmidim (disciples). Lapid is a tradition with its roots in the Orthodox tradition and its soul linked to the Chassidic movement. We are distinct from so-called “messianic Judaism” in that we have a unique focus of being Torah-true and Messiah Yeshua centered. For the Lapidnic, the Torah is not just relevant it’s authoritative. The commandment is Divine and the fulfillment is a great joy. The Lapidic observes the Torah in the same manner that our Master Yeshua did, Jewishly. Our motivation is both to live as He lived (be faithful Talmudic) and to connect ourselves to the Divine by observing the mitzvot (commandments). “Rabbi Mordecai  Arron Griffin

We have returned to the Ancient Paths of Mar-Yah, living unto Elohim as He writes His Torah upon our hearts (according to Jer. 31:31- 34; Heb. 8:8-10; Heb. 10:16). Heb. 8:10 But this is the covenant which I will give to the family of the house of Israel after those days, Says Master Mar-Yah: I will put my Torah in their minds and inscribe it on their hearts, and I will be to them Eh·Yeh, and they will be to me a people.

First and foremost Netzarim Faith to provide an online presence with a Beit Knesset and Yeshiva for Torah Study allowing us to follow our Jewish Heritage and Traditions as Torah-following B’nai Israel Ha’Derech Jews of the Way. Rabban Gamliel said: Provide yourself with a teacher and free yourself of any doubt. 

Pirkei Avot Mishna 1:16

Second Netzari Faith to develop a cohesive קהל community for the 1st Century Restoration of the Original Faith of the Apostles Netzari Faith. Therefore, the talmidim must be steadfast in the Faith of Yeshua which is only found in the Assembly of Jerusalem, which belongs to Him forever.

  Sha’ar Emet about 100 CE.

Third Netzari Faith to provide an environment to educate, uphold and promote the Netzarim Fellowship and Worship of the 1st Century Assembly of Jerusalem. “Be deliberate in judgment, raise many students, and make a protective fence for the Torah. 

Pirkei Avos 1, Mishna 1(a)

Hashem=Haruach Hakodesh=Torah=Yeshua=Lapid

האשם = הרוח הקודש = תורה = ישוע = לפיד

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